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General Specifications

Perimeter Height: 8ft or 10ft
Peak Height: 15.5ft or 17.5ft

Number of Legs: 4+

Number of Sidewall Sections: 4+

- See "Tent Accessories - 10' Wide Sections" 


Common Accessories

- Company Banner frame/install

- Sidewalls

- Lighting

- Draping and Liners

- Heating, Cooling, Mist


Engineering (these aren't your father's tents...)

Structurally Engineered Frame

Wind and Snow Load Ratings

Three layers of industrial-grade vinyl

 - Keeps heat out (summer) and heat in (winter)

Applications: Roll Up Grage Doors, Agricultural, Construction, Industrial, etc. 


10' x 20-100' Multiples of 10x10 Frame Tent

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